I began making soap in 1997, mostly out of curiosity. I saw an article in a magazine and thought it looked interesting. I have always been a Do-It-Yourself kinda gal. From canning my garden goods to sewing my own curtains, there are few tasks that I will not tackle myself. So when I saw that article, I knew I had to try soap. From that first batch I was hooked. It was a milk and honey soap, on hindsight, that is not a soap for a beginner to make. But that is where I started.


I dabbled with soap a little here and there until 2000 when I was pregnant with my first child. I was going to bathe the dog and read the warning labels on the back of the dog shampoo. It was not safe for human contact.  So I figured, I would just make a soap that was safe for me and the dog.  This lead me to look into what was actually in some very common household cleaners and cosmetics. The more I understood what I was actually using and then flushing down the drain, the deeper my conviction became to find a better way to clean. 


A dear friend began an online cloth diaper company at that point and urged me to make soap for her site. So I did, when she dissolved her online cloth diaper business, she insisted I keep selling soap online.  So I paid heed and began selling on my own.


A few years later, my family realized that my daughter has celiacs disease and has to maintain a gluten free diet. So the intricacies of allergen free products became a well versed subject in our house. To this day, all of our soaps are gluten free. The oatmeal I use is also gluten free. You will not find wheat protein or regular oats in any of our products. When it comes to food issues, we totally get it because we live it!  So no matter how sensitive you may be, we have a product that you can use.

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