What does "cold process" mean? TOP

This refers to the method by which the soap is made. Cold process soap is made from fats combined with lye. These two substances undergo a chemical reaction called "saponification". This turns the fats and lye into soap. In the end product, no lye is left. Every lye molecule combines with a fat molecule to form soap. Our soaps are "superfatted" meaning that some of the fats are left unsaponified. This makes the soap more moisturizing for the skin. A by-product of saponification  is glycerin. Glycerin molecules are leftover when the fatty acids react and combine to the lye molecules. We leave the glycerin in our soap. This helps your skin stay  moisturized and feel soft even after you get out of the shower. 


What about animal products? TOP

All of our soaps are made with plant based oils. Most of our soaps are vegan. We do not use animal fats when making our soaps because the only animal fats available in the quantities that we would need come from factory farms. Factory farming of cows and pigs (the two main sources of animal fats for soap making) is incredibly inhumane and unhealthy for humans, the planet and the animals themselves. However, we DO use honey, beeswax and sometimes goats milk.  We source our honey and beeswax from a local beekeeper. It is pure and the real deal.  Any soaps that contain milk or honey will be clearly labeled as such.

How long will my soap last? TOP

Unused, a bar of soap will last at least a year. Some essential oils and fragrance oils will fade over time, but even when that happens, the soap is still usable. Be sure to store your soaps in a dark, dry place.  When you use your soap in the shower, do not let it sit in a puddle of water. Soap attracts moisture to it and it will not last as long if left in water. We have soap "savers" that you can put your soap in to hang up in the shower. This makes a bar last a very long time.

What about Phthalates and Parabens? TOP

None of those here! None of our formulations contain either of those chemicals. We use an alternate preservative in our lotions and none of our fragrance oils contain phthalates.  I certainly do not want to work with any questionable chemicals and would never sell a product that contained something I would not want my children using.

What is the difference between glycerin soap and cold process soap? TOP

Although all handmade soaps contain glycerin, some on this page are called glycerin soaps. Glycerin soaps are a bit more processed and the ones I offer usually contain fragrance oils. But as a medium, glycerin soaps allow the soap maker to be more artistic. The proof is in the bright colors and cool designs. If you prefer a more "natural" soap, check out our Natural soaps. Bean Tree Natural  soaps only contain essential oils. The designer soaps usually contain fragrance oils.

What makes you green? TOP

 We reuse packing material in every box mailed. We also minimally wrap the cold process soap with a single paper band. This can be recycled, the jars used for bath and body products is also recyclable. We always use the United States Postal Office as well because they are already driving to your address.


We also strive to source our ingredients from Fair Trade Organizations and from local suppliers. While we do have to purchase ingredients that are shipped to us, when we have the chance to find a local source for something, we go for it.

What about allergens? TOP

If you have allergies or sensitivities, we have you covered. We know first hand what it is like to find body care items with food allergies and sensitivities. That is why all of our soaps are gluten free. The girl beveling every bar has Celiacs Disease, she will not handle anything that contains gluten.  Milk a problem? No worries, we get that too. A few soaps contain goats milk but those are clearly labeled. More of our milk soaps contain coconut milk.  We are also happy to formulate a bar of soap for you that complies with your specific needs. We just ask that you buy it by the loaf.

What about free shipping? TOP

Many companies offer free shipping regardless of order size. Which might seem nice but in order for this to work, they have to raise the costs of their products to cover the shipping costs. We do not do this, we strive to keep our costs low so that we can offer high quality products at competitive prices. That is why you will see competitors charging much more.  We charge a flat rate of $7.50 for shipping. Orders over $75 receive free shipping, this is our way of saying thank you for a larger order. 

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